Blog Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions to our blog from TCOSC members.

We are looking for posts that will be helpful to our readers-primarily executives of Southern California technology companies. They may be short features, how-to articles, “how I did it” stories, tips and hints, instructions or motivational articles. The tone of the post should be informative; we will not accept material that appears to be a sales pitch or promotional piece.

Posts range from 200 – 600 words on topics of interest to the greater Southern California technology community. The best ones also include attractive graphics or photos. Among the broad subject areas we cover are technical, advertising, sales and marketing, digital media, e-commerce, human resources, legal and accounting issues, productivity, web-based services, and general business management.

Event Summaries are among our most popular posts.
An easy way to create a blog post about a recent TCOSC or other event is to simply compile your responses to the following questions into a short article. Please write 1-2 sentences for each of the following sub-topics:

  • Event title
  • Who were the speakers and moderator?
  • What was notable about the attendees, questions, presentations, or information shared?
  • What was the most popular topic for questions?
  • Thanks to the sponsors.
  • Can you add any photos?

Please submit your post in plain text format only and email it to TCOSC editorial staff here.

Photo Guidelines:  Please take several photos to illustrate the event listng.  Note: The best time to take photos of panelists is BEFORE the event starts.  Pose your panelists and sponsors together – this is your most important photo.  Also please try to shoot groups of attendees and the crowd overall.  Be sure to collect names and companies so we can caption the pics appropriately.

When sending photos you can simply attach them to your email but please keep them below 1MB each – standardizing them as web-ready 72 dpi .jpgs or .gifs of approximately 200×200 pixels would be even better.)

All submissions become the property of TCOSC for use, reuse, or syndication in all media.

If you are looking to submit a longer article, the Technology Council’s SCribe Newsletter may be more appropriate for you. Please visit here for more details.

Thanks for your interest in working with the Technology Council of Southern California.

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