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Southern California Tech Central

The Technology Council of Southern California and TechEmpower are happy to announce the launch of:
This is a community of people in Southern California who have come together to help find and organize the best content from blogs, news sources and other web sites all around technology in So Cal.  The goal is to create a place where it’s easy to find current and highly relevant content.  And perhaps to stimulate new connections.

You can get a sense of the power of the site by visiting the site and clicking a keyword on the left.  For example, if you click on Startup, you find:

=> The most recent posts, announcements and web pages on the top of the page that relate to Startups.
=> The best (according to social signals across the network) content below that such as:
=> The keywords on the left are ordered according to their relationship to the current term.  So you can see that

are all considered highly relevant to the term “startup”.

As the site runs, it will get better at finding great content.

You can find Featured participants listed on the right hand side of each page.  When you choose one of them such as Cliff Allen on Marketing, you will see the keywords are now based on what Cliff discusses more than other bloggers.  You can see that he talks about: Marketing, Metrics, Customer and Social Media more than most.  Lower on the page, you can find the best posts from Cliff based on social signals with the top spot belonging to his 9 Marketing Trends for 2009.
There is an impressive network of people who are bringing this content together.

All of this technology comes from Tony Karrer.  If you have ideas on how to improve the site or want to do something similar, I know that Tony would like to hear about it.

Panel: Digital Content Distribution’s Brave New World

“Digital Content Distribution’s Brave New World: Trends & Issues” was our topic last Thursday night at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Monica.

The first in what we hope is a series of digital media-related events for the Technology Council, this program focused on trends and opportunities in digital content distribution.

Turn-out was stronger than expected for this new topic area, with some attendees driving from Southern Orange County to get a taste of Hollywood’s business expertise.

After a networking happy hour mixer and dinner, we had an all-star panel that represented several different facets of the Los Angeles media and technology commmunity. Panelists included:

Moderator: Scott Fox, Author of Internet Riches

With all that expertise it was a challenge for me as moderator to keep the discussion to only an hour.  The attendees were interested to hear the panelists’ perspectives, and to share their own, on the many challenges facing the film, TV, and music industries in the digital age.

Thanks to all who attended, our sponsors Sheppard Mullin and Singer Lewak, Catrina Luedtke for producing the event, and to Richard Neff for helping me plan and host the evening.

Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Tech Coast Angels

The Tech Coast Angels talk about improving your chances for long-term success in the lead article of the November SCribe Newsletter.  Check this out, along with our other feature articles and links to the upcoming event schedule.

Here are quick links to the feature articles in this issue:

You can also see past SCribe articles in our archive at

Tell us what you think!

Panel: How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off

Phil Becker writes:
On Wednesday, September 24, I had the opportunity to moderate a truly interesting and educational dinner meeting of that Tech Council’s Marketing SIG. An audience of about fifty people heard three panelists speak on “The New Business Boosters; How Blogging, Widgets and Streaming Video Can Make Your Marketing Efforts Take Off“.

Attendees enjoyed a nice dinner before the Panel.

Attendees enjoyed a nice dinner before the Panel.

Thanks to the kitchen of the DoubleTree Hotel for some tasty chicken.

Thanks to the kitchen of the DoubleTree Hotel for some tasty chicken.

As that title suggests, the talks focused on three new marketing tactics that companies can incorporate in their marketing mix to seriously increase the firm’s marketing effectiveness.

Gary Gabriel, Peter Kim, Scott Fox, Phil Becker

Gary Gabriel, Peter Kim, Scott Fox, Phil Becker

The first speaker, Scott Fox, who is an author, entrepreneur, Director of the E-Commerce Success Institute and a Board Director of the Tech Council gave a great overview of how to build and utilize a blog to increase personal, two-way communication with clients and prospects. Scott used some real-world examples to emphasize the “do’s and don’ts” of blogging, including how blogging can help address misleading or negative images that a competitor might paint of your company or products.

Then Gary Gabriel, Founder and President of Vmatrix, showed us how streaming video has recently become a very effective and surprisingly cost-effective way to educate your prospects about your products and your firm. He pointed out that a well-made video can keep a prospect at your web site for five or more minutes instead of the sub-minute times a static web display might accomplish. Your are essentially using a video as a product advertisement and the click-thru to your web site is far better than other forms of advertising.

The audience for the Blogs, Widgets and Streaming Video Marketing Panel

The audience for the Blogs, Widgets and Streaming Video Marketing Panel

Finally, Peter Kim, Founder and President of Interpolls, introduce the audience to the recently emerging capabilities of web-based widgets. It turns out that these widgets can be any sort of bi-directional application that you can conceive of to involve the user in the subject – normally the product or service you are marketing. This includes games, questionnaires, and even the ability to purchase your product directly via the widget. The real strength is that a user can copy a widget to his or her own page on a social networking site where other views can find and use it. This becomes a very low cost yet effective form of viral marketing.

Steve Stallman, Chairman of the IMPACT Committee enjoys the Panel with Catrina Luedtke, Executive Director of TCOSC

Steve Stallman, Chairman of the IMPACT Committee enjoys the Panel with Catrina Luedtke, Executive Director of TCOSC

We finished up the evening with about 45 minutes of Q&A, where the audience had a chance to drill-down on each of the subjects. It’s too bad we had to call a halt at 9:00 PM as the attendees had a range of excellent questions and really seemed to be intrigued by all three marketing tools.

– Phil Becker, TCOSC IMPACT Sales & Marketing Committee Volunteer and Panel Organizer/Moderator

Thanks to our attendees and sponsors.  Have you joined the Technology Council yet?

Venture Net 2008 Winners

Venture Net 2008

Venture Net 2008

13 of the hottest early stage technology companies in Southern California joined us yesterday for the 13th Annual Venture Net.

We were pleased to also welcome 400+ attendees, including dozens of venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity firms, plus keynote speeches by John Suh, CEO of, and Jason Calacanis, CEO of

Presenting companies included:

• Capzles, Inc.
• MeetingSense
• RingRevenue
• Orgoo
• Magnify360
• IS Accountable
• DialPlus
• Mefeedia
• Lingospot
• Digital Performance

The Best of Show Award went to Magnify360 – a SAAS platform that maximizes the performance and ROI of websites, microsites, landing pages, and the marketing campaigns that point to them.  Olivier Chaine, Founder and CEO, presented for the company and accepted the award.

Thanks to all the hard-working selection committee members and all of our Venture Net 2008 sponsors, including Supporting Sponsors Deloitte & Touche, Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth, and the CJ Patrick Company.

Special thanks to Catrina Luedtke for her outstanding production of another successful event.

Please click for information on joining or sponsoring the Technology Council of Southern California.

Google Analytics Panel wows Santa Monica crowd

Google’s free “Analytics” and “Optimizer” services were the hot topics Thursday night in Santa Monica. 

The latest TCOSC event featured 2 expert speakers:  James Tipton from Google and Corey Koberg of Webshare Design (an authorized Google consulting firm).

We were happy to host about 60 people at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Monica for networking, dinner, and education .

Some estimate that 70% of all search traffic runs through Google today but not everyone is aware of the many other free services that the search giant offers.

Corey Koberg (WebShare Design), Jens Welling (TCOSC Moderator), James Tipton (Google)

Presentations from James and Corey demonstrated the deep analytical utility of Google Analytics’ free tools.  For example, the ability to not only track web site visitor traffic, but drill down to see specifically which keywords attracted those visitors to your site and their resulting behavior. 

The most interesting part of the evening was the Q&A session which followed the presentations.  James and Corey fielded questions about data privacy, installation of the tools, reporting capabilities, conversion rate tracking for e-commerce purchases, and many other relevant topics.

The event was full of substantive, actionable information that was appreciated by all who attended.

Thanks to Jens Welling of and the IMPACT committe of the TCOSC for organizing this informative and entertaining event.

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